/// RWD VR6 Turbo Rabbit

Spitfire's first fabrication intensive project should prove to be insanity on all fronts. A turbocharged VR6 will be mid mounted where the passengers used to sit and promises to give the pavement a run for it's money. We hope to provide frequent updates on this long term development project.

/// 16v Turbo GTI

The goal of this project has changed from having a streetable 16v Turbo GTI, to having something that will really break the mold for the typical 16v Turbo build. We're looking to break previous 16v Turbo power records while still keeping it street-legal. We also plan to use this car as a development tool for the latest and greatest features of MegaSquirt.

/// WWU FSAE Racecar

MegaSquirt provided the most cost conscious choice for Western Washington University's 2006 Viking 38 Formula SAE race car, allowing complete control of the Honda CBR F3 600cc engine. This was also a great learning opportunity, as we haven't run across any other wasted spark Honda CBR F3 MegaSquirt setups.

/// 16v Scirocco

This car belongs to a friend of shop. Purchased from the previous owner as nothing more than a Scirocco shell with a 16v attached, the car had questionable wiring and there wasn't much resembling a clean harness under the hood. We installed a clean engine harness and a MegaSquirt v3 ECU running MSnS-extra code which really brought this Scirocco to life!