/// Tuning

Tuning Services

SpitFireEFI offers complete tuning services. We have a couple of Wideband O2 sensors as well as two knock boxes with which to fine tune igintion timing.

Our basic fuel and spark tuning is a flat fee of $150.

This covers bringing the fuel and timing maps to a safe state of tune, which should get the car running and idling. This doesn't include tuning for max power. If we are including this base fuel and spark tuning as part of a complete MegaSquirt install package, we can usually get a day or two of cold start tuning done as well.

Further tuning for max power is $50/hour.

We would be happy to accompany you and your car to a dyno if you are able to book time at such a facility. In doing this, we would bring along all of the required tuning aids (our wideband O2 sensors, and knock boxes) as well as a laptop and tuning cables. Otherwise, we've found that we can get 95% of the way to fully utilizing your engine hardware, and maximum power, with careful on-road tuning. Based on your setup and your car's current state of tune, we can generally give you a pretty accurate idea of how long this would take, so please email us at sales@spitfireefi.com for quote information.

/// Install

Harnesses and Installation

At our Bellingham, WA shop we also offer complete MegaSquirt installation services. We can work with your current setup to either reuse your existing factory EFI harness, or build a custom harness to your specifications.

Our price for reusing the factory EFI harness starts at $200

This price covers materials and breaking down the factory harness at the connector for your old ecu, and pinning out a MegaSquirt connector to take its place. The price for these harnesses depends on our familiarity with the type of vehicle we're working with, and the complexity of the MegaSquirt setup we're trying to adapt. Please email us at sales@spitfireefi.com for more information.

Custom harnesses start at $450

We build custom harnesses to suit your unique project. This could be anything from a hidden show car harness, to a clean functional harness in a weekend racer. The price for the harness doesn't include any specific connectors for your engine, but we have sources for these if you aren't able to provide them all up front. In some applications it's possible to reuse factory coolant and intake air temperature sensors, which can help to save you some money. Also, if the vehicle was previously equipped with EFI, we can reuse factory injectors and their connectors if the application is appropriate. In order to offer you the most accurate estimate, we like to review the car to get an idea of what you're interested in, and the current condition of the wiring. Please contact us at sales@spitfireefi.com to arrange an estimate.