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Project Status

On-going SpitfireEFI Development


1.8L Scirocco 16v

MegaSquirt and Spark

Techtonics Sport Cams

Techtonics 2.25? Exhaust

Stainless Borla Muffler

Techtonics Race Downpipe

Scirocco 8v Close Ratio Transmission

Running Gear

All stock


The Build

/// Story

'80 16v VW Scirocco


After a few weeks of various tuning drives and a weekend spent wiring the MegaSquirt, Chris has been able to start daily driving his car on nice days. He's also started enjoying some of the back roads in the area when the conditions are right but the lack of great tires and suspension have now really started to show with the car's newfound power.

When it was all said and done, the Scirocco received a v3 MegaSquirt ECU with 029t code, which was dropping the single factory coil via an on board driver.

After a few cold mornings spent tweaking the starts, and the occasional freeway drive to work dialing in the fuel and spark maps, the Scirocco is finally the machine Volkswagen should have built in the first place. The high reving capabilities of the 1.8L 16v, and the light Mk1 chassis have coupled to make a very agile small car that we hope will be further enhanced by the addition of a more sport oriented suspension and tire package.

Given the ongoing nature of this project we're certain that there will be some radical changes to this Scirocco in the months to come. We hope to see this Scirocco at some local Autocrosses come springtime.


Chris recently bought this classic Scirocco from a previous owner who attempted a 16v swap with little success. The engine was properly bolted into the car, however the wiring and spliced CIS-E engine controls were a hack. Needless to say, the harness is now lying on the garage floor and MegaSquirt parts are being pulled out of shipping boxes and installed.

The 16v has a lot of potential, particularly in a car this light, and we plan to bring this Scirocco and its freshly installed 16v back to their former glory!