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Project Status



Stock 1.6L Engine

GT25R60 Turbo w/ internal waste gate

Custom ceramic coated exhaust manifold

Custom turbo down-pipe with divorced waste gate tube

2.5" stainless exhaust

Magnaflow resonator and muffler

Ford probe intercooler

Magnecore 10mm plug wires

1.6L Miata CAS

034EFI ignition module

1G DSM blow off valve

PWM boost control solenoid

MS2 v3.0 running MS2-extra

Innovate Motorsports LC1 wideband

Running Gear

Galant VR4 front/rear rotors

Escort front calipers

Miata rear calipers


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88 Mazda 323 Wiring Diagrams

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Project '88 Mazda 323 GTX


I finally acquired my GTX about two years ago after passively lusting over this rare beast for many years prior. I never thought it would come to pass, but by chance it just fell into my lap. As all GTX owners know, the handling is impeccable - likely one of the best handling cars I've owned - and the power-train is certainly peppy, but leaves significant room for improvement in the go-fast department.

Needing a distraction from my regular, long term car project, I decided to give my GTX a kick in the butt.

The plan was to go through the motor, upgrade the turbo, free up the exhaust flow, ditch the restrictive MAF, and fit a MegaSquirt controller to deal with twice the normal boost levels.

The final setup completely removes the stock ECU and restrictive MAF unit. The MegaSquirt unit controls all fuel injection and spark advance, as well as the fuel pump, and uses the stock coolant temp sensor. In addition, MegaSquirt run closed loop boost control (@17psi), closed loop idle control on the stock idle valve, and the stock turbo boost light. With the addition of a wideband oxygen sensor, the motor is running closed loop fuel control at part throttle for increased cruising fuel economy. The engine is tuned and runs 17psi at 12:1 AFR on the stock 350cc injectors.

This was also the first MS2 project SpitfireEFI has tackled. So far we've been blown away by the power and simplicity of the more powerful and feature ritch MegaSquirt varient. The complete details of this build, including significant details on the MS2 build and configuration, click here.