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Tuning and Project Updates

We've been busy wrapping up the '67 MGB GT this summer, and there a few new photos of that. There's also a new 16v VW Caddy project around the shop, and a couple of photos of a really fun twin cam BMW powered classic Mini on MicroSquirt in the gallery.


New Additions to Code Archive

We've added a new MS3 code section in the Downloads Page as more customers have been asking about MS3 projects. We'll also start to trickle in some working MS3 tunes for various configurations as time goes on.


Back in Action!

Apologies for the long overdue relaunch of the site! We've been working out some back end issues, and are back online. We also took this time to investigate some options for a new look for the site, and hope to debut that in the near future - so stay tuned.


Code Archive and British Field Meet

The Downloads Page has a couple small updates to include a few older MS2e code versions in the archive. We've also updated the Gallery with pictures from this year's slightly damp All British Field Meet in Portland. And finally the '67 Miata-swapped MGB project is just about ready to hit the road for some tuning now with a new exhaust.


Gallery and Project Updates

The Gallery is live again. We've also uploaded a couple more nearly finished shots of our '67 MGB project. Have a great New Year!


Gallery Page Issues

We've had some reports of the Gallery crashing lately, please bear with us as we sort that out!


Sync Loss Reasons and MG Photos

There's a handy file with the various sync loss error codes over on the Downloads Page. Our '67 Miata MGB is off getting finishing touches at Bradley Restoration.


Minor Site Updates

We've made some minor updates and done some house keeping of the website. Get in touch with us if you need help getting your MS set up in time to enjoy the Spring driving season!


MS2E Code and Photo Updates

We've added a couple pictures of a recent trip to the dyno with a Supercharged MGB running MS2-e. There are also a lot of new engine and wiring pictures of our project '67 MGB up in the Gallery. Finally, the latest MS2e 3.3.2 release is up on the Downloads Page.


MG Update and Subaru Triggers

A quick new update to the Downloads page with a picture example of a Subaru 36-2-2-2 versus a 6/7 trigger wheel combo. Also, the project '67 MGB GT now has a fresh coat of blue paint!. Work is still on going on the finishing touches to its ITB'd Miata engine, but it should all be coming together this winter.


MGB Progress

There's been some big updates on our '67 MGB GT project the last couple of months. It's now off for a major body and suspension overhaul at Bradley Restoration. The 2000 Miata engine with ITBs will be getting a minor overhaul and top end work while the body is away, and everything should be coming together pretty quickly this winter, so stay tuned!


Projects and Pictures

The new engine is nearly fitted into our project '67 MGB GT. It's starting to take the shape of a completed engine compartment. We've also added some shots from an Auto cross at PIR earlier this month, as well as this year's All British Field Meet in Vancouver BC. Despite the dark clouds the event was a blast with some incredible classics in attendance.

Quick MGB GT Update

There's a few new photos of the latest status of our '67 MGB GT project. It's staying with the 4 cylinder theme still, but it'll now be powered by a 2000 Miata engine. Stay tuned for more updates as the modifications begin on the Miata motor, and fabrication work gets underway to fit the engine and it's accompanying 5 speed transmission, into the MG!


Winter Project Updates

Our long term Turbo GTI project found a new home last week in Oregon. And now we're moving on to the next project: a '67 MGB GT. We'll be working again with the guys at Bradley Restoration (who put together the amazing V6 MGB we tuned a couple years ago). While we're planning on keeping a four cylinder in this one, it will be getting some induction tweaks and of course an MS based injection setup. Keep an eye out for more updates this winter as things get rolling.


Olympus Rally Updates!

The guys at DemonRally have put together an awesome video compilation of their time at the 2012 Olympus Rally. Keep that video in mind if you're ever curious about how durable a properly installed and built MegaSquirt system is! The Crane Rally Crew also has some great shots of their cars on stage at Olympus on their page, so be sure to check those out as well.


Photo, Video and New Project Updates

Josh has some videos here and here of his big turbo drift BMW at a recent drift event. There's a lot more power still on the table with that turbo so we're looking forward to helping him out with tuning when he turns up the boost. We're also wrapping up the new engine build on our 16v turbo GTI and hopefully getting that up and running in the next couple weeks (just in time for all the rain to start!). Also a new long term project in the works consisting of individual throttle bodies and a small British coupe, so stay tuned over the winter as we start digging into that.


Rally Toyotas

We hung out with the Crane Rally guys this weekend and tuned up a couple of AE86 rally cars. One was an install we did a while back. Both cars are running MS1-extra setups. There's also a few pics of the dyno action on the 20v car, and a few shots of "Patches" on the dyno as well. These guys will be running in the Olympus Rally this weekend, along with the Demon Rally guys and we wish them all luck at the race!


Customer Photo Updates

Couple of quick updates to the Customer Gallery with some shots of a big turbo drift BMW and an Eaton charged MR2 that we've been working out the tunes on. We're hoping to add a few more pictures to those galleries as those two cars get wrapped up.


Summer Projects

It's new motor time for our 16v Turbo GTI this summer, and we should have some some good shots of that coming up before the good driving weather goes away. There's also some new pictures posted of some side projects getting wrapped up around the shop from the last couple months, like the GTI powered Mk1 Jetta and we'd also like to bid farewell to our Megasquirt powered 323 GTX project car as that found a new owner this spring in the Portland area. Chris's awesome 16v Turbo Mk1 Scirocco is also for sale, we're hoping that super clean Scirocco goes to a good home! Also it looks like everyone is busy lately getting their projects back out for the nice weather, so keep the questions coming we're happy to help you get everything tuned up in time for Summer!


Quick Downloads Update

Another quick update - we've added the latest full MS2e release on the the Downloads Page for archiving, and we're looking forward to Summer!


Downloads Update

Quick update - we've modified the Wasted Spark Tach Wiring file on the Downloads Page to bring it more in line with what the MS manuals recommend, as well as reflecting what we've used in our latest installations. We hope folks continue to find this useful, and as always if you have any questions send them our way!


New Downloads and Wild MS'd Cars!

Lots of stuff hot off the presses this time around! First off, we've got some helpful new content over at the Downloads Page including new VW and Toyota additions to our OEM temperature sensor resistance list, along with the latest MS2-e code release (3.1.1). Next up, we've got pictures of our wiring and tuning work on a Toyota AE86 20v on MegaSquirt. That car is running a v2.2 MS1-e setup with EDIS, and we hope to see Dustin and the guys running around the local rally stages soon! And finally, we have a series of photos from our Weekend AEB 20vT Syncro Passat MegaSquirt build. Had a blast hanging out with Brendon from RalleyTuned and Jake from JRM Fabrication and getting the car all sorted out. We hammered out the build in 2 days from getting the car into the air to road tuning and the guys driving it back down south. Look for a few more updates to the Downloads Page coming up as we sort through all of the notes and files we've got from the last few weeks of building!


Racing Photo Updates

We've got some photos online from the July 4th Vintage Races at Pacific Raceways. Also, we've acquired a new V8 shop project car, to take the place of our Bagged Diesel Rabbit which has recently moved on to a new home in Oregon. We look forward to seeing it at all the Northwest area VW shows. Look for updates on our new project as the year goes on!


TunerStudio on Downloads Page

We've added the installer for TunerStudio to our Downloads page. The guys over at EFI Analytics really put out a great product and we've started migrating all of our Tuning work over to their excellent software. We encourage everyone to check it out. It's freeware but if you take the time to register it unlocks some very useful logging and troubleshooting features, and it's always nice to support folks who put out such great software.


Photo Updates and Customer Cars

Last month we kept busy taking pictures and tuning some more interesting cars. Head over to the Gallery and check out some shots from our spectating trip to watch a night of Drag Racing at Mission, BC,. Also new in the Gallery is a quick photo update on an '82 Porsche 911 3.0 with MegaSquirt. If you've got a MegaSquirt Porsche, we tune aircooled cars! And finally, we've throw some more shots into the Bagged Diesel Rabbit project gallery. That car is for sale now, so if you're interested send us an email!


New Photos and New Projects!

Now that the New Gallery is online, we've got a few photo and project updates. First up is a few welded parts updates to the 16vT GTI as we work through some breather issues and get that back on the street in time for the summer. We've also got some photo updates for a '91 Subaru Legacy Turbo that we've been working with. We hope to have a Subaru MegaSquirt guide (along the lines of our Mazda 323 GTX MegaSquirt Guide online in the coming months to help folks through some of the hurdles of using stock Subaru idle valves, sensors, and cam/crank triggers with MegaSquirt. Also look for some running video and sideways mud-slinging photos soon!


New Gallery

We're working through some issues with our old gallery - bear with us! - but should have the new one online really soon. Along with migrating to a new gallery, we'll be posting some updated shots of customer cars, and some updates on the recent projects (including some Subaru MegaSquirt action!).


Portland, Oregon and Project Updates

We haven't updated in a while, but we've been busy the last 5 or 6 months with our projects and helping customers get their winter projects wrapped up. Our 16vT GTI has been back on the road and getting some preliminary tuning taken care of. We'll get some dyno tuning on it in early Spring and certainly be posting the numbers and some photos when that's all wrapped up. Also, one of SpitFireEFI's co-founders is now located in the Portland, Oregon area, so we'll be doing tuning work by appointment for all of you Portland MegaSquirt folks. Just contact us through the usual channels. We're looking forward to working with a new group of customers, and looking foward to new developments in 2011!


MS2e ECUS and Photo Updates

After selling a number of them on special request, we?ve finally added MS2-extra ECUs to our official product lineup. There are a few photos from our recent Nurburgring adventures here. There?s also a small build gallery for the air bagged 81 Diesel Rabbit from last spring, and we?ve finally released our Mazda 323 GTX MegaSquirt Walthrough. Lastly, there are a couple new photos from our dyno tuning day with the DemonRally crew, located here.


Interview with Tom Burress of DemonRally

Recently the mild mannered - but crazed driver - Tom Burress of DemonRally was interviewed by Gearbox Magazine about his experiences with Rally, what motivates him, and what it's like to walk away from a "big off".


Mazda and Download Page Updates

There's been a lot of action on the Downloads page. We have a new section for MS2-e code releases with the 2.1.0 code currently posted. There's also a new diagram showing how to wire up your aftermarket wasted spark coils to your factory tach. We hope this is useful for folks wiring their own setups, as we've seen this question come up numerous times on the forums we frequent. And we're busy putting hte finishing touches on our Mazda GTXWalkthrough, so that's just around the corner, but in the meantime we've posted the .vex and .msq files from that build in the Downloads page.


New Projects for 2010

We've got new updates on the Mazda GTX project, and a detailed write up coming shortly on that install. There's going to be an overhaul of the Downloads page to include MS2-extra information and maps, as well as more detailed info on the maps/msqs currently listed. We'll be bringing you some information on Subaru Legacy MS installs in the near future, and as always, we're happy to help with your custom MS installations!


WaterWerks Wrap-Up

A huge thanks to Demon Rally and RalleyTuned for hosting our ECUs in their booth at WaterWerks. And a huge thanks to you guys that participated in our ECU sale as well! We took a few pictures at the show that are posted over in the WaterWerks Gallery. You can check out Demon's new Golf here and there's also a few pictures of the new 16vT setup in the '80 Scirocco featured on our Projects page. We've also posted some shots of the last WWU Formula FSAE practice session we attended.


Summer Updates and the WaterWerks ECU Sale!

We'll have some discounted ECUs for sale in the RalleyTuned booth at the WaterWerks show on July 18-19 in Tacoma, WA. Also, to help folks who can't make it to the show get in on the deals, we'll be offering v2.2 ECUs for $200, and v3 ECUs set up for a single coil distributor engine for $300 if you get in touch with us before midnight on Sunday. We've also posted a few pictures from the 24 Hours at the Nurburgring in the Gallery. As well, look out for Demon Rally's new Mk2 16v Golf on stage this summer. We've spent the last couple of months helping them get that car going with a SpitFireEFI MegaSquirt setup, and they should have that on track for the Wild West Rally in late September. Big things have been happening lately with our 16vT project and we'll be unrolling some major updates on that before the end of summer, including the new MegaSquirt setup for that, as we begin to expand our product line.


RWD VRT MK1 Project Update

We've added a new project page for what is undoubtably our most ambitious project ever - A RWD Rabbit, powered by a midmounted turbocharged VR6. Though this project is still in the early stages of fabrication, it is quickly taking shape and promises to be an incredible rocket when finished. The conservative targets of 400hp and 2200lbs gives a power to weight ratio of 0.18 hp/lbs - better than a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.

Just for fun, here are some more Power to Weight comparisons...


New MSQ Files for Download

We've updated the downloads section with complete .msq files for download. These files contain not just the spark or fuel map, but the entire MegaTune configuration for each project, including things like warm-up maps, ignition configuration, acceleration enrichment, and more. Remember, everyone's setup is a little different; these files are offered for a base reference only and are not guaranteed to work on your setup. Keep an eye out for more updates to the downloads page, as we roll out wiring diagrams and tutorials to help you get your car on the road!


Fall and Winter Projects

We've been keeping busy the past few months reworking the Spitfire shop. We spent the early part of the fall rewiring for a new welder, and putting the finishing touches on the lift installation. The coming months should bring more photo updates of the 16v Turbo project, which has just come back from getting some major fab work done, with a bit more work left before we post the latest photos. The intercooler/intake plumbing, cooling system, and fuel system should be wrapped up in the next few months. In other news, we've also posted some photos from an Auto-x we participated in recently.


16vT Project Update

There's been some photo updates to the 16v turbo project. Everything is powdercoated, ceramic coated, and most importantly - put together. There should be more regular updates happening over the next month or so as the new motor gets installed and we get around to hopefully the final round of fab work, this time for the exhaust system. In other news, we've gotten our hands on a used lift which should make life at the shop a little bit easier. We're looking forward to reorganizing the shop around the lift and freeing up some more space for fab work, so we can get cracking again on our 79 Rabbit.


Welcome to the New Website!

We've been keeping ourselves busy the past few months working out the new website layout. Probably the most useful new feature (along with the updated styling!) is the new Downloads area. We encourage everyone looking for tuned maps to check that out - there'll also be complete msq files available for download for the cars listed, in the near future. Also, keep an eye out for wiring diagrams there, as we plan to release some of those as well. And, as always, feel free to email us if you're looking for something specific, there's a chance we just might have it! In other news, there's been a few photo updates to the 16v turbo project - look for a more indepth update at the end of August - as well as a new photo gallery with updated pictures of our previous Supercharged Miata Project.


Photo Updates

There's been some recent updates to the photo gallery, including a photo taking trip to the Lynden Truck and Tractor Pull, and some photo coverage of the Western Washington University Formula SAE Practice on May 5th. We also put together a small shoot with the recently acquired Mazda 323 GTX and the '84 GTI listed in our Customer Cars gallery.



We've partnered up with the DemonRally.com guys to tune and set up their MegaSquirt systems. We're excited to be working with them for the rest of this rally season, and for some of their upcoming projects. Stop by their site for all of the latest happenings with their rally Rabbit, and some awesome stage rally photography. Also on the rally front, we're still waiting for Adam Crane's AE86 to be put back together from its last competition outing, so we can get our hands dirty again with his MegaSquirt setup - we'll post updates on that as we make progress. The 16v turbo GTI is waiting for some more fab work to be complete so we can wrap up the engine build. In the meantime there's nothing exciting to photograph - but we'll be posting pictures as soon as all of the parts are back and assembled.


The Latest

The Toyota rally car project is still under development, as the car is still being actively used for rally we are doing our best to work around that schedule. For ?8 we?e also planning on giving the site layout some updates, including adding a detailed help section and wiring diagrams specific to Spitfire built MegaSquirts. Look for these updates, as well as some more pictures of the continuing 16v turbo project, soon!


Turbo GTI Photo Update

There's a short photo update on the current state of our 16v turbo GTI - slowly working its way back toward being a functioning car, as the list of upgrades continues to grow exponentially. We've also just started the ball rolling on a MegaSquirt installation into a local Northwest region Toyota rally car. Stay tuned for more details on that as the project unfolds, and plenty of pictures from the dirt slinging that will ensue!


Email Back On Line

We've finished the migration to a new email service. The addresses are the same, but it is being handled differently in the background. We believe these changes will allow us to better assist you and we thank you agian for your patience.


More Race Car Coverage

Some new content has been posted in the Racing Gallery - a practice day with the Western Washington University Formula SAE team. We've also been busy delivering ECUs and putting the finishing touches on our latest customer car, an '84 2L Rabbit GTI, which received all of the engine and transmission parts from our '79 Rabbit project car. Also, the email server switch is almost complete; keep an eye out for the updated addresses within the coming week.


New Email Servers

We are currently transitioning our email service to a new system that will help us better manage the incoming mail for sales and info. We apologize for any delayed responses you may have experienced recently. While we are transitioning, please send all inquiries to the temporary email we have created: spitfireefi@gmail.com. Thank you for your patience.


Project Photos and The New Shop Space

There's a short photo update in the Customer Gallery of our most recent MegaSquirt install. The car this time around was a '94 Miata with a 2000 engine and the stock ECU completely removed. On the shop space front, we're slowly moving into our new garage and plan to have it fully operational by month's end. Stay tuned!


Formula SAE Practice

We've posted some pictures from Viking 38 practicing in Bremerton this weekend in the Racing Gallery. The weather turned pretty wet by the end of the day, but some of the rain shots came out. We'll try to get some video and sound clips of the car in action at the next practice day.


A New Location, a Completed Project, and Stickers!

Over the past few weeks we've kept busy finishing Chris's 16v Scirocco. With that project nearing completion, we took it upon ourselves to find a supplier for some Spitfire swag. We're working with ProGraphics of Bellingham, WA to get some Spitfire stickers and logo bits made up. In other news, Spitfire should be moving to a new home and setting up shop at a much roomier location within the next month. Stay tuned for more details.