/// MegaTune Configuration Tutorial

Welcome to SpitFireEFI.com's guide to configuring MegaTune to work with your SpitFireEFI MSnS-e MegaSquirt ECU. After completing these steps, your laptop should communicate with the MegaSquirt ECU once it's turned on.

Please note, that this guides assumes you're using the latest version of MegaTune available in the SpitFireEFI.com Downloads Section (http://www.spitfireefi.com/downloads.shtml).

First, here's a quick overview of what's covered in this walkthrough:


Visit the SpitFireEFI.com Downloads Section (http://www.spitfireefi.com/downloads.shtml) and get the appropriate code version for your ECU - we'll tell you what that code version is if you've purchased the ECU from us (the appropriate code archive will also be included in the confirmation email you get from us).


Create a new folder in your MegaTune directory with the same name as the code archive you've downloaded. UnZip all of the contents of the downloaded archive into that folder - the result should look similar to the screen above.


Create a copy of the original msns-extra.ini file that was UnZipped earlier, and rename it to msns-extra.ini.0xxxx (where xxxx matches the downloaded code version).

Move this newly renamed file into the \MegaTune2.25\mtCfg folder.


Open the MegaTune2.25 root directory, and run the mtCfg.exe program.


Go to Project - New and pick a name for your car's Project (and associated setup folder). It can make it easier to keep track of multiple cars that use different levels of code, if you put the code version into the title, as seen above.


Next, expand the tree by MegaTune2.25.


Highlight the file that was copied into the MegaTune2.25/mtCfg folder in Step 2, and select File - Activate. After this file has been activated, you can close mtCfg.exe.


Go to your car's newly created project folder, and enter the mtCfg folder there. Locate and open the settings.ini file.


Type “ set” in front of MSNS_EXTRA and “unset” in front of whatever was previously “ set”. You want the file to look like the screenshot above. Once that's complete, save and close the settings.ini file.


From now on when you open MegaTune, you will be asked to select a project to open MegaTune with. Select the car's folder we just created, and MegaTune should look different (there will be more drop down menus available, as it's now running in MSnS-e mode) then when you first installed it.

You've now completed all of the steps to configuring MegaTune for your new MSnS-e ECU. You can repeat this process for various levels of code, as well as repeating Steps 3 and 4 to add more cars to your configuration list.

If you have any further questions about this guide, or any of the products or service seen on our website, feel free to contact us at info@spitfireefi.com